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Gift Vouchers ( 3 Weekly Special Arrangement )

Gift Vouchers ( 3 Weekly Special Arrangement )

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**Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions**

These terms and conditions ("T&C") apply to the use and redemption of the gift voucher issued by Jovial Floral ("Issuer"). By purchasing, accepting, or using the gift voucher, you agree to abide by these T&C:

**1. Voucher Redemption:**

1.1. The gift voucher is redeemable for eligible products offered by the Issuer, as specified on the voucher itself or accompanying documentation.

1.2. To redeem the voucher, the recipient must present the original voucher in-store, or provide the voucher code if redeeming online or via phone.

**2. Expiration Date:**

2.1. The gift voucher is valid until the expiration date stated on the voucher. It will not be accepted for redemption beyond this date.

**3. Non-Transferable:**

3.1. The voucher is non-transferable and can only be used by the individual or entity named on the voucher at the time of purchase.

**4. No Cash Value:**

4.1. The voucher has no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of currency.

**5. Lost or Stolen Vouchers:**

5.1. The Issuer is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged vouchers. Protect the voucher as you would cash.

**6. Additional Costs:**

6.1. If the cost of the product or service selected exceeds the value of the voucher, the recipient is responsible for paying the remaining balance.

**7. Voucher Extensions:**

7.1. The expiration date of the voucher cannot be extended beyond the stated expiration date under any circumstances.

**8. Resale and Unauthorized Use:**

8.1. Resale or unauthorized use of the gift voucher is strictly prohibited and may result in its cancellation.

**9. No Refunds:**

9.1. Once redeemed, the voucher is non-refundable, and no credit or refund will be provided for any unused portion.

**10. Contact Information:**

10.1. For any questions or concerns regarding the gift voucher, please contact our customer service team at 9187 7987.

Seasonal Availability of Flower.

Do note that flowers are seasonal. Filler flowers might change, depending on availability. We will only substitute with flowers of a similar or superior look/feel and value.

Filler flowers are what give the bouquet body and volume, but are similarly subjected to the season.

We will do our utmost to preserve the same style and aesthetic as the original.

How long can Preserved Flowers last?

Preserved & dried flowers are 100% real flowers which are natural materials that would give in to humidity and sunlight.

Their best condition period is between 1-3 months, however it would depend on the humidity of the environment as well.

It would be good to place them in air-conditioned or dry & well ventilated places and avoid direct sunlight.

Over-time preserved flowers will discolour as they get contact with the moisture in the air. They also tend to mould up fast when humidity level arises, especially during the rainy season. You can gently clean them up with small brushes& dry tissues. If it still doesn't come off well, would have to cut those leaves away.

How to take care Preserved Flowers?

Best to keep it in air-conditioned places or cool & dry place with Silica Gel / Dehumidifiers

1. Keep it indoors, away from sunlight

2. Keep it at well-ventilated space

3. Avoid water & humid places

4. Dust off by gently brushing it with brushes or a soft duster

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