About Us

Jovial Floral, founded by a passionate and fun guy, Kelvin. He could not see himself working in an office, so he followed his dream, and with his creative mind, he wants to bring joy through a flower arrangement to you.


We give back to the community through monetary means and we aim to be a social enterprise that reaches out to the youths-at-risks in the community. We are also sponsoring a child in World Vision International and we are actively connected to the child.

Through all of your support, we want to provide youths-at-risks the opportunities to showcase their skills, talent, and creativity by joining us.


Jovial Floral we provide weekly design bouquets and floral easel arrangements designed by Kelvin.


Every week’s design will

be the best design for you.

Looking for something to send during your friend’s birthday, baby shower, sympathy bouquet, or even flower stands,

we have it all.